Saturday August 22 at TROUT LAKE

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Vines Art Festival is an opportunity for artists and the community to tangle and grow together during a day of outdoor exploration. Visual artists describe the land; performers build on this description – the purpose is to explore and connect their artistic visions with the community. This interactive day is an invitation for everyone to enjoy the ancient ties between humans, our natural environment and creativity.

The inaugural festival will take place throughout beautiful, bustling Trout Lake situated in East Vancouver, in August 2015. Vines will encourage sharing and self-expression assuring a fun and educational experience for all ages. The festival will be diverse including:

  • music
  • installation art
  • dance
  • theater
  • free classes
  • vendors
  • great conversation.

Vines Art Festival Society is a unique not-for-profit society, headed by Heather Lamoureux, with a mandate to connect communities by sharing art and thought in the outdoors. There is something so special about responding to your natural surroundings, creating a story and spreading your newfound knowledge organically. We hope that our vines grow and begin to tangle new art lovers into this beautiful climbing web that many call home.