The Georgia Straight named Vines Festival “Best New Festival”
“This truly grassroots East Van happening shows eco art in every possible manifestation, pushing into the highly conceptual, the performance-art based, and the provocative. The fest, in only its second year, avoids the literal and is full of surprises and wonder. That’s what it will take to wake people to the enviro crisis at hand.”
The Georgia Straight


Vines Art Festival is committed to capturing the imaginations of new audiences and inserting creativity into Vancouver’s everyday public spaces. The festival is a free public event that creates platforms for local artists and performers to create with and on the land, steering their creative impulses toward work that focuses on the environment – whether a deep love of nature, sustainability, or climate justice. We stage work in pedestrian, open-air settings so audiences will happen upon public art, finding delight in the unexpected beauty and power of the super-natural Coast Salish Territory.

We present a wide range of disciplines and cultures, reinforcing the reality that each art form and each community has a deep-rooted tie to the land and a story to go along with it. Vines shares thought-provoking art that tackles environmental justice with various approaches that are accessible for all ages, genders and cultures; granting each individual the possibility to access, engage, and participate in creation or performance.


  • Build a public space for outdoor creation/enjoyment.
  • Showcase the beauty of the Coast Salish land.
  • Create and present art in an environmentally sustainable fashion.
  • Be accessible and inviting for all audiences.
  • Build and foster community.
  • Free of charge and education-based.
  • Direct attention towards environmental solutions.
  • Present interdisciplinary art and nurture connections between artists, environmentalists and community.
  • Highlight Vancouver’s parks and promote artists-in-residence programs.


Your donation will support the growth of eco-arts in Vancouver.
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Vines was created by Director, Heather Lamoureux in 2015 and has since had three successful festivals. Audiences and local artists raved about Vines Festival calling it a “rewarding and rejuvenating experience that connected them deeper to the park and local community”. The inaugural festival was one day event at Trout Lake Park run solely on a fundraised budget built with a strong vision, determination and amazing volunteers. The second year we tripled our budget with support of Vancouver City Cultural Service and our primary sponsor Mountain Equipment Co-Op. The third fest we grew to from a one day to a ten-day festival in seven of Vancouver’s public parks in partnership with Vancouver’s Artists in Residence program.

Vines was created out of two desires. Firstly, to broaden the reach of artivism. Bringing the art, with its ability to inspire creativity and social change, out of the theatre or gallery and into community parks, paths, and trails making it accessible to all. Secondly, to direct local artists to create in relation to the earth – creating works at the intersection of environmental and social justice

Vines Art Festival takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.




Pandora Fieldhouse
2325 Franklin Street
Vancouver, BC 
V5L 1S2