Why You Should Support Vines

Vines Art Festival is working to add culture to the everyday, to encourage art makers to create on the land for us all to happen upon and for us all to be able to be a part of it no-matter our financial stature.

We also believe that the work presented on the land should be a reflection of our admiration for mother earth. By fostering partnerships between environmentalists/scientists/activists and artists of all disciplines we believe we can turn heads and inspire other citizens to create and live more sustainability and even enjoy the odd tree, really enjoy a tree each is so special.

We need help to do this. We are a small group of young go-getters and although we have all the will-power we don’t have all the resources. Any contribution helps, monetary or in-kind.

Thank you for your support. For more information or any questions do not hesitate to contact Heather Lamoureux. heather@vinesartfestival.com