August 19, 2016

Oncle Hoonkies – Wood Carving and Live Music

MACLEAN PARK (710 Keefer St)
12 – 530 PM

Join us at Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop for a day of wood carving and improvised music. Master carvers, Martin Borden, Karen Barnaby and Dave Bartlett demonstrate hand-tool methods for making utensils and bowls, while Keeper-of-the-House, Mr. Fire-Man labours patiently upon his next large wood-horn project. At 2:30pm, join us for the Super Hippie Public Access Jam, when all the horns come out to play and Strathcona neighbourhood is alive with sound of ‘music’. Previous musical experience an asset, but not required. Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop is at MacLean Park Fieldhouse at the corner of Heatley and Keefer Streets.

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Sammy Chien – Nature Centre Gong/ Energy Practice/Movement Healing Workshop

2-330 PM

Sammy will lead a workshop session on accessing our own spiritual energy as a form of movement and healing practice. He’s integrating his interdisciplinary background with Nature Centre Gong (自然中心功) a kind of Qi Gong that’s shapeless and formless, resonating with the Taoist principles of Wu Wei (無為 the non-action)—there are no specific goal or much intention but just to follow flow of energy effortlessly while attaining harmony with the universe and the mother nature. This is a very useful freeform-practice that is very healthy and positive for your mind, body and spirit. Get ready to let go of your ego, anxiety and conservative limitations; get ready to meditate while physically moving with our spiritual energy that enables this deep and beautiful interconnections within each one of us. “the Tao does not act, but there is nothing that it does not achieve”.

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photo credit: : Lena Mucha

Fresh Roots – Gardening Workshop and BBQ

NORQUAY PARK (5050 Wales St)
6-8 PM

Ready to grow your garden?  Help create the first of it’s kind Herb Harvest Garden at Norquay Park. You’ll be able to take home winter seedlings to prepare for harvest all year round!  While we’re planting – we’ll also learn how to grow effectively here in the Lower Mainland. When should you start your tomatoes? How should you plant them? What sort of soil should you use. Work with the experts to learn how to get your garden up and growing! We’ll have a grill going so come and bring your veggies to roast on the BBQ and enjoy! Learn more at

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