Let’s Blossom – KeAloha

Perseverancia – Jhoely Triana & Haolin Jiang

Isolation-naturally dyed hanging installation – Julia Zinovjeva


Trout Lake Park

2105 E 19th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 2J5 (Google Maps pin here!)

1:30 PM

Blind and Low Vision Friendly


Our largest event in two years! Ushering in the next era of public arts and showcasing brilliant artists, performers and storytellers, join us for this dazzling day of sharing intersectional stories and graceful movements across shared space. Share a meal, a space and tend to the needs of your heart after a long time away from one another. This cornucopia will feast us for years to come, not one to miss as it unites us together to break the social fast we journeyed through together.

Artist: Siobahn Barker, Eddy van Wyk & Maggie McGhee, Rianne Svelnis & Sauha Lee
Photo Credit: Luciana Freire D’Anunciação


NEW(to)TOWN COLLECTIVE – New(to)Town Collective x Vines Art Festival 2021 Clown Parade
Dust off your red nose and twinkle shoes – Clown Parade is back! We’re ready to engage with park goers, animals, and trees in the spirit of celebration and connection. Join us on Aug. 14th at Trout Lake. For those interested in participating in the parade and learning about clowns, come to our special Clown Parade Training Jam on Aug. 8th, 2 – 4 pm PST at Pandora Park. Attending this TJ is not a prerequisite to joining the parade but is recommended.

Sudanda is a band which plays the music of Alaaledin Abdalla, a composer and musician from Sudan. The instrumentation is oudh/vocals, guitar, accordion, trumpet/bass, trombone and percussion.

Come join us as we splash around in puddles, fall as rain drops, and drift in storm clouds! Find out what makes rain… rain! We got caught in the rain on purpose to bring you It’s Raining (Gonna Get Wet) a show that will make you appreciate a little drizzle. It’s Raining features hilarious physical comedy and beautiful movement. A show for all ages no matter whether you’re as fresh as a dewdrop or as ancient as a glacier.

In a new original work, Alyssa Amarshi (dancer & performance artist), Servin Boyd (dancer), Chantal Gering (theatre artist, dancer), Angelica Poversky (poet & performance artist), and Anjalica Solomon (loop pedal artist, musician and poet) interrogate the theme of “belonging”. Through spoken word, movement, and monologue, we highlight how our diverse identities and intersections often feel like they are not complete. We ask through this piece: how does our liberation interweave with the earth, our home where our deepest and most authentic selves have always belonged. Ultimately, we are fully complete and abundant in ourselves. As is the earth.

Senaqwila Wyss is from the Squamish Nation, Tsimshian, Sto:lo Hawaiian and Swiss. She is completing her Bachelors in Communications and First Nations studies at SFU. She is an ethnobotanist and warrior entrepreneur. She co-owns Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co. With mother T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss using Indigenous plant teachings to share with people of all ages. She is also sharing her knowledge to the next generation with daughter Kamaya. Senaqwila facilitates indigenous plant knowledge workshops and has experience in professional communications and coordination and event planning.

We will be performing a fusion of South American Andean folk music mixed with Latin Rock elements.

Some original compositions will be featured. Some songs will have stories from history and others from the challenges we face in the modern world.

Other songs will contain flights for the imagination. Also some ancient traditional pre-spaniard Instruments from South America will be played alongside modern instruments to fusion the expression of the musicians. Featuring Kyle Hagen & KeAloha.

Artists: Eva Ojeda F, Eve Middleton-Meyer, Alexander-Bird Zavorotny, Bana B

Perseverance through all the hardship this past year, many times before, and many generations before. I express the hardship of a somber, sad, tired, lonely, heavy, defeated person who works hard to find resilience, focus, energy, and courage. This is my own story of an ongoing struggle as an artist, my immigrant parents and my rural grandparents. And a story of Flamenco, the centuries of prejudice of the Romani people. In their stories I am strengthened to find my courage.

KELLY MCINNES – Exquisite Dust
Exquisite Dust is a performance created by Kelly McInnes in collaboration with performers Luciana D’Anunciaçāo, Hayley Gawthrop, Maggie McGhee, Eddy van Wyk and the Roundhouse Community Dancers with sound design by Alex Mah.

Exquisite Dust is ritual, prayer, antidote. It is aliveness unfolding. It is remembering what it is to be of the earth. To be a body. To be wild. It is an invitation to notice and to feel.

AMY AMANTEA – Through my Lens
Navigating the world as a blind person has brought gifts to my life that I didn’t anticipate. I have experienced photography for the first time under a professional who is teaching me to “find the light”. How does someone who doesn’t see the photos they take actually take photos at all? Let’s explore photography through my lens – as I ask the audience to describe my photos back to me.

Artists: Ruvarashe Marikano, Santana Berryman, LaFi, Hayden Pereira


R-each explores the challenges of connection across physical distance. Two dancers embrace awkwardness, entanglement, cooperation, and play as they navigate their literal connection through an expanse of stretchy fabric, an original costume designed by Nico Gruzling. The costume creates shifting geometries for the dancers to move in and around, concealing and revealing their bodies and a mobility scooter. Through the push, pull, and stretch of the cloth, R-each highlights our complex impacts on one another and calls us to move in solidarity.

KIRANJIT SHOKER – Love, Lies, and Liberation: Let the Earth speak.
If we love our Earth as our home and hearth, it is our duty to bring it justice and balance. Explore love for our place, how to decipher the lies of those who have lost love, and the liberation that justice brings. Learn to listen to Earth as we rebuild relationships with ourselves, community and our home.

SIOBHAN BARKER – Knowledge Pantry; ancestral ‘tea’
A story of family, exploring known and unknown mixed-racial identity and intersectionality in living with invisible disability. A family reunion story of discovering. Can the land guide us in reconnecting with our missing bits?
We of the Black/African Diaspora carry the land in our blood, bone, and breath. As often displaced and stolen peoples we are traveling a path to reconnect with the land through story, spirit remembrance, and gifts from our ancestors. Can we honour our Afro-Indigeneity when echos of “where are you from” ripple through our being?
Come share in this funny tale of discovery where the ancestors meet and spill the ‘Tea**’ of the ages.
(**juicy news)

KEALOHA – Let’s Blossom
Flowers are blooming and so are we. KeAloha invites us into “Let’s Blossom” – a performance of heart-songs that she grows from her experience as a mixed race, Indigenous femme, and an artist with disability. “Let’s Blossom” celebrates how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go. KeAloha invites us to fall in love, to re-learn radical diversity and inclusion, to dismantle ableism, and to centre Black and Indigenous voices in our futures.

Kellen Reed Jackson is a perpetually emergent queer artist & arts facilitator on stolen, occupied, unceded xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Skwxwú7mesh, and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ lands. Their work is generated from a deep desire for conscious intimacy with the quantum materiality of spacetime in all its manifestations. Working through film, sound, eco-printing and an emergent movement practice, they are currently researching queer & trans histories, non-binary embodiment, ecological intersubjectivity & spacetime as field and fabric.

TAMI MURRAY – Neurographic Sygil Workshop
Your unique expressive voice and intent flow into the artwork created in this neurographic workshop. Choose a word or phrase that is an invitation for change or growth and then combine it with organic lines and free form shapes within the boundaries of the paper surface. Using points of interconnection within the guided drawing we will fuse shapes and meaning into an abstracted symbol or sygil that holds the intent of the words, creating a catalyst for personal action.

RIANNE SVELNIS & SAUHA LEE – Glasswing: An interactive portal lounge
Glasswing: An interactive portal lounge is an interspecies sculpture, a dance puzzle, a set of frames, a collection of passageways, and a moving constellation of relationships and boundaries. It is an interactive installation of textile openings reminiscent of stomata (plants’ breathing pores). Through this abstraction the audience is invited, by witnessing and rearranging the installation, to reflect on the portals of transformation in our everyday lives; material, sensed, and imagined.

ART ACTION EARWIG – Give Birth Love Tooth
Give Birth Love Tooth is a 2-hour performance that invites audience participation via mobile devices. A pair of wisdom teeth/사랑니 have been extracted and gain unusual abilities on That Woman’s 38th birthday as That Woman was reminded that her mother was 38 when she gave birth to her. Voices, sounds, movements, and connections expose violent understandings of That Woman’s body acquired through medical, legal, and institutional systems, and surge a strong desire to decolonize body/몸 and mind/맘.

KATIE CASSADY – funky fungi
funky fungi is a contemporary dance duet focussed on interpreting and expressing the existence of fungi, focussing on mycelium and mushrooms. By taking an imaginative and fun journey into how mycelium and mushrooms might emote or express joy, this piece hopes to offer the fungi’s perspective, and explore how the co-existence and collaboration of many species is necessary to create and sustain life cycles.

An immersive exploration of human contact in an era of isolation. A series of bodies haunted by lost futures. A portal into liminal worlds entwining the domestic and the natural. In this dream-like coalescence of dance, poetry, spatial soundscape, and digital interaction, audiences are guided as expressive bodies through green micro-stages to confront displacement in its various forms and scales on the earth. Join us for an intimate experiment in communal embodied storytelling.

PIERRE LEICHNER – Roots – we all need them
For several years I have been working with roots. We all have them: physically, in our teeth and hairs, psychologically with our families, culturally with our communities and spiritually with the earth and the cosmos. In these root sculptures nature mimics humans. Some took years to grow.

JULIA ZINOVJEVA – Isolation-naturally dyed hanging installation
During this difficult year of 2020 and all the uncertain times, we are living today, I decide to work on the topic which I am mostly preoccupied now – Isolation. What isolation is for art? What does isolation look like if it is a material? My art material is cloth and I try to be connected closely to nature by using old techniques of botanical dyeing. I believe that the emotional aspects of cloths are very interesting, that is why I work with previously used fabrics. There is so much phycology in cloth. What does it mean to connect cloth to isolation? As a maker and an artist, I wish to create an installation which will express my vison on isolation and how I deal with it by using my art practice – natural dyes on cloth. I want to create a moving sculpture of botanically dyed ribbons (made from used clothes) and local plants. The form of the sculpture should remind a hanging chandelier – my interpretation of the light and hope during isolation. The use of colored ribbons – natural diversity, importance of the local connections (used clothes transformed into ribbons). This hanging sculpture in is a manifest of my interpretation of isolation and hope. Tied together ribbons represent all the missed moments with our loved ones. The use of botanical dyeing, slow and often unpredictable process, is to highlight my everyday feeling during these days. Natural colour does not last forever, it fades with time but always leaves the traces of transformations.

DAVID ULLOCK – It Is What It Isn’t
A compositional exploration of abstract form in physical space.

This freestanding sculpture has been created entirely with reclaimed materials, diverting useful resources from the landfill.

TIFFANY YANG – It’s Birdplastic!
What do you see when you look up? How about when you look down? Do you hear some tweeting, and maybe a bit of chirping? There is something watching your every move right behind that thicket! *CRUNCH* OH! You stepped on a littered plastic bottled water. That something suddenly sends an alarm call.


Gunargie O’Sullivan was a delegate from the community radio CFRO in Vancouver, BC and a member of the Aboriginal Caucus of the NCRA. Among her vast work in the media, she developed the national radio series called Resonating Reconciliation which resulted in 26 half-hour documentaries about Residential School survivors and their families, airing nationally on stations across the country. She developed Red Jam Slam, a series to raise the profile of Aboriginal music in Canada through live performances and broadcasts. O’Sullivan also has worked at an overdose prevention site and acted as an Elder for Guildford Highschool Students, along with her years of work coordinating for the Heart of the City Festival. Spring 2021, O’Sullivan will be doing Late Night with the Savages live on Red Gate TV (also to be played on CITR and COOP Radio).



Blind and Low Vision friendly

MC Ashley Aron & Chu-Lynne Ng


1:40 PM

2:30 PM
Anjalica Solomon, Alyssa Amarshi, Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd, Chantal Gering & Angelic

3:10 PM
MagniFuego & Friends

4:10 PM
Jhoely Triana & Haolin Jiang

4:50 PM
Amy Amantea

5:15 PM
Hoodie Browns

6:30 PM


2:05 PM
Chloe Payne, Krys Yuan, Sena Çaǧla & David Underhill

2:50 PM
Senaqwila Wyss

3:40 PM
Exquisite Dust by Kelly McInnes

4:40 PM
Emerging Creatives mentored by Eddy Van Wyk

5:45 PM
All Bodies Dance

5:55 PM
Kiranjit Shoker

6:10 PM
Siobhan Barker

3PM | 6PM | 9PM
Re:Place by The Body Orchestra & It’s Not A Box Theatre

Durational performance at 1:30-3:30 PM
Art Action Earwig

Durational performance and installation by
Rianne Svelnis & Sauha Lee

Roaming performances by
Katie Cassady
New(to)Town Collective

Workshops with
Kellen Jackson
Tami Murray

Installations by
David Ullock
Emerging Creatives mentored by Jeanette Kotowich
Gunargie O’Sullivan
Hazel Point
Julia Zinovjeva
pierre leichner
Terreane Derrick
Tiffany Yang



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Vines Art Festival takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.




Pandora Fieldhouse
2325 Franklin Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 1S2