X̱epx̱páy̓em | Hadden Park

1905 Ogden Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1A3 (Google Maps pin here!)

6 PM

With ASL Interpretation by Season Hunt and Vanessa Coley-Donohue

The cartography of our bodies is a shoreline we determine, an expansive sureness between the shifting waters we hug. Our Bodies, A Shoreline grants us permission to see the many bodies our community has, moving in all the ways they want to: with joy and resistance. 


Alyssa Favero and Jamie Ranney | Rooted in Time

“A whole network of unseen connections under my feet –  endless branching, helping the trees speak to each other. I wonder what they think of us here?” 

Jamie Ranney and Alyssa Favero lead a group of dancers in an improvised score to strengthen their knowledge of the natural world. The piece acknowledges the interconnected relationships of the land, examines the dancers’ place within them, and remembers the ancient forest that was once there.

Ana Bon-Bon

‘Blues Cabaret’ accordionist and chanteuse Ana Bon-Bon will perform original material exploring drones and rhythms- using soaring vocals, bellows movement, and instrument accessories- in seeking to express a spiritual-sensual musical experience in the element of our summer being.

D Fretter

Poet D Fretter’s mother likes to say he’s had a way with words since before he could talk. He began his writing journey at a very young age, coming up with his own lyrics to songs from old vinyl records. At age 17, D stole his older sister’s guitar and began writing his own songs. Throughout his music career he made a name for himself for his wordplay and lyricism. In 2020 D put down his guitar and held onto his pen and discovered some truths that sound more beautiful without a melody. Since then, he’s stepped into the poetry scene and reinvented himself as an artist. A self-reflective, deeply emotional writer and a charismatic performer D Fretter writes from an optimistic point of view with the intention to encourage and empower his audience. 

Erica Masuskapoe

A 2-spirited Nehiyaw (Cree) trickster shapeshifter and a Land Defender who likes to help out around the fire. They are currently stationed within various frequencies on the unceded lands of Turtle Island. Their pronouns are they/themme but some call themme Unctie. They are a creative influencer, you may happen upon their radical art or hear their stories as you wander throughout the city.

Faune Ybarra and Aakansha Ghosh | Possibilities of belonging: a future that can hold a home.

As temporary residents, uninvited guests, to these lands we are constantly trying to define our role in relation to that which sustains and surrounds us. Our performative installation tries to expand on the conversation around migration and bonds of solidarity among racialized diasporas. We present the assembling and disassembling windows and the folding and unfolding long pieces of paper stamped with sign-offs as gestures of time through form and body. The audience is invited to interact with the piece after the performance.

Jhoely Triana Flamenco | Arboles (Trees)

Arboles (Trees) is a triptych of solos that revolve around the metaphor of trees to represent how we must honour our roots and gather strength from our past to reach new heights so that we can share our lived experiences with our community and spread the seeds of empathy and compassion.  The project is a personal reflection of changes in our urbanspaces, loss of a loved one and connection to ancestral struggles which are topics that many can relate to.

Naomi Grace

Where are your values rooted?  Through story and song, this piece explores liberation as leadership, plants as allies and art as medicine while centering feminine ancestors of the African diaspora. This performance will debut new musical and visual art works by Naomi Grace, a first-glance and preview of her upcoming solo exhibition, “Stewards of Liberation” to be shown at Massy Arts Society in November 2022.

Seema Mehra | Inclusive : Language Banners 

Seema’s interactive installations involves the participants in the creation of the artwork, offering the possibility of free expression and social connection within the public domain. She  invites people to use dyes to write on fabric in  figurative speech that is specific to their mother tongue.

This act of writing and sharing is a tangible performative human experience that has touch, movement, voice, and facial expressions empowering the writer and reader who translates for a particular collective. In this sharing of the  spoken and written language, one shares its unique graphics, aural perception and oral histories tethered to its culture.

This community endeavour began in 2008 a as part of the Local Car free festival events, its an ongoing project that will be part of the Vine Art festival platform in August of 2022.

Barangay Project | Catch-22

“Catch-22” is a work-in-progress performance piece directed by Filipina interdisciplinary artist Sophia Sosa. This work-in-progress is a comedic satire that confronts the lessons that we were exposed to growing up. How does one become prepared to enter society as a young adult? Relationships, confidence, aspirations…taxes, capitalism, sexism, patriarchy; Have we been taught everything we need to succeed in this world? How has the evolution of society created a predestined future for the generations to come? This specific number is performed to the songs “I Wanna Be Evil” by Eartha Kitt and Disney’s “Tangled” soundtrack “Mother Knows Best” performed by Donna Murphy. This performance is a super fun take on real life lessons utilizing improvisational dance and choreographed movements inspired from real life experiences.

Terreane Derrick

Terreane Derrick came into the arts both by accident and design. At an early age, Terreane’s first foray into the performing arts was puppetry. Terreane’s interests in the arts expanded first into drawing and painting, then into video production. In addition, Terreane is also an accomplished emcee, public speaker, facilitator, and has sat on government boards as a special needs / disability adviser. Terreane appreciates the medicine of art in its entirety and is currently focused on personal governance.






MC Sacha Ouellet

6:00 PM
Opening welcome with Senaqwila Wyss

6:30 PM
Ana Bon-Bon

7:00 PM
Terreane Derrick

7:25 PM
Jhoely Triana Flamenco

8:00 PM
D Fretter

8:25 PM
Alyssa Favero & Jamie Ranney

8:45 PM
Naomi Grace

9:15 PM
Barangay Project

9:30 PM
Erica Masuskapoe

Installations by
Faune Ybarra & Aakansha Ghosh
Seema Mehra

Crafts table
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