Trout Lake Park

2120 E 19th Ave (Google Maps pin here!)

1:30 PM

With ASL Interpretation by Gillian Pettit and Vanessa Coley-Donohue

Our Tended Harvest attests to our collective work for each other, the garden of our community together, time spent in the earth together, working towards a shared table filled with the labour of our love. Our continued commitment to making sure our space is shared, we close our 8th festival with a proclamation of tomorrow.


All Bodies Dance Project | The Rate of Change

The Rate of Change is a sculptural meditation on landscape, community and adaptation performed by members of All Bodies Dance Project. The piece highlights slowness as a way to attune to internal transformations, changes in shapes, shifts in spatial relationships and the beautiful diversity in the ways we each experience time.

Anya Saugstad | Flora Fauna

‘Flora and Fauna’ is a research project, sound performance, and embodiment of plants and animals. This site responsive performance work built and performed in the forest, uses environmental research and the study of foliage as a tool for choreography. Using wires, mics, and sound equipment, attached to the plants in the area, and using their electrical currents, sound is created straight from the plants themselves.

The Big Bad Wolf by Valerie Christiansen

The Big Bad Wolf is an immersive promenade that is based on fables and folklore with a twist. Rewritten entirely from a different perspective, the audience will find themselves on an action filled voyage around Trout Lake. Uncovering who the monster’s are in our own lives. Are we a monster in somebody else’s life? The Big Bad Wolf’s style is bold, absurdist, fun, and interactive that plays with the genre of speculative future.


Dongganisa | Caddisfly

A drag performance inspired by caddisfly larvae and how they use materials from their environment to create protective shells. Using curated music, costume, and choreography, the performance will illustrate the connected relationship between ourselves and our environment. 

Emerging Creatives

Coming Soon

Emily Brook | Stranded/Stalemate

This is the story of the worst break ups of my life … with my best friend… while stranded in my apt due to a broken down wheelchair.

Eva Ojeda F. | Blooming

like nature: i grow, i shift, i bend, i stretch, i root. i see myself, i accept change. i bloom. 

Blooming is a contortionism dance piece from multidisciplinary artist Eva Ojeda F., which reflects on visions of growth and the non-linear process of self-love as a brown woman. Finding the resemblances, inspiration and support with nature, this dance intends to show the awakening, the challenges, the strength, the rest, the happiness, and even the discomfort that come with loving every inch of oneself.

Haleluya Hailu | Haleluya (and her sometimes friends)

A set of original music/song covers/spoken word matching the themes of growing up, heartbreak and forgiveness.

Hasnaa Fatehi | Return

This work is rooted in basic movement and materials (e.g. paper, ink, charcoal), where a contrast is drawn between the quiet immigrant struggle and the collective loud indignation following the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Pandemic survivors and immigrants now ironically share a common experience of regulated bodies and movement, missed family gatherings and celebrations, lost chances to say a final goodbye and the overall violence of wait. 

Janelle Reid

Janelle Reid is a singer, actor, song writer and mover. She has a Bfa double major in music composition and theatre and has a second bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She enjoys singing in a variety of genres and collaborating with other vocal artists. She is always excited to take the opportunities given to share her passion of singing as a means to bring people together.

Kung Jaadee

Kung Jaadee (Roberta Kennedy) is a professional storyteller, educator and published author belonging to the X̱aayda (Haida),  xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) First Nations. Her Haida name, Kung Jaadee, means ‘Moon Woman’ and was presented to her at her great uncle’s memorial feast by her cousin Crystal Robinson. Over the past 28 years, Kung Jaadee has performed traditional Haida legends, while also sharing vivid personal stories about her clan’s survival of the smallpox epidemic, and  the history and culture of her people. She has performed at hundreds of festivals, schools and Aboriginal celebrations across Canada. She is the author of  the popular children’s books, Raven’s Feast and Gifts from Raven (selected as a Local BC Book to Read), as well as curriculum textbooks, Haida Nation: Indigenous Communities in Canada and We Are Home. Her stories have also been published in several anthologies, magazines and online publications. Most recently, Kung Jaadee worked as the Vancouver Public Library’s Indigenous Storyteller in Residence.

Ladan Sahraei

Ladan Sahraei (Pronouns: She, Her) an Iranian-Canadian deaf female film maker. She completed her Associate Degree in Physical Education, but later pivoted to studying graphics design before coming to Canada in July 2014. She is the first deaf filmmaker in Iran, where she has made several short films, as well, two feature documentaries made in Canada. She has received awards and honours for her work. Filmmaking is her passion and is an avid supporter of the visual and performing arts, painting, and film in disability.

Laurel Scott | Plastic Bag Creature

Using the plastic bags from a few family and friends’ households, the Plastic Bag Creature was made. Through stitching and sewing, the creature grew over the course of a year until it could completely envelope the artist’s body. The Creature now lives the life of a drifter, wandering endlessly in search of a place it can call home. 

Mildred Grace German

Coming Soon

Randall Barnetson

Coming Soon

Sam Chimes Productions | Live looped Jazzy Hip Hop Music

We create instrumentals using a looper, synth, voice, and saxophone. We perform over these created tracks.

Sarah Wong and Ileanna Cheladyn | Rock Garden

Rock Garden is an interactive installation featuring hand-crafted cushions inspired by the movements of shapeshifting within the life cycle of rocks. The work seeks to honour rocks as teachers for surrendering to transformation and to bring light to the relationship between resistance, rest and renewal. Through the integration of choreography and textile design, our rock garden aims to be a soft place to land that reminds audience members to slow down, release, and tend to their embodied needs.

Seema Mehra | Inclusive : Language Banners 

Seema’s interactive installations involves the participants in the creation of the artwork, offering the possibility of free expression and social connection within the public domain. She  invites people to use dyes to write on fabric in  figurative speech that is specific to their mother tongue.

This act of writing and sharing is a tangible performative human experience that has touch, movement, voice, and facial expressions empowering the writer and reader who translates for a particular collective. In this sharing of the  spoken and written language, one shares its unique graphics, aural perception and oral histories tethered to its culture.

This community endeavour began in 2008 a as part of the Local Car free festival events, its an ongoing project that will be part of the Vine Art festival platform in August of 2022.

SEMILLITXS | Playing with flowers

semillites’ favorite way to communicate when he was a child was through games! Over the last two years, semillites has been developing a new board game “Plants and Pleasure”,  which is inspired by mexican snakes and ladders and other mexican board games! With more than 30 illustrations he attempts to share some of his views in joy, soil, poop, transitions, brown skin, care and his love for plants. Come and play this new game, along with a handmade domino!

Shion Skye Carter + Kisyuu | Flow Tide

Flow Tide is a performance that expresses the intrinsic relationship between movement and Japanese calligraphy. Writing ‘kanji’ using larger-than-life calligraphy brushes, Shion and Kisyuu’s movements are influenced by the tools they use and the surrounding natural environment. Shion embodies the sensation of flowing ink, while Kisyuu’s dance takes place through her brush. Each brushstroke is a call and response, an abstract conversation representing the artists’ connections to their Japanese roots, to their art forms, and to one another.

Creation/performance: Shion Skye Carter, Kisyuu

Music: Stefan Nazarevich

Shonta Kishiqweb

Coming Soon

Ancestral Teachings with Siobhan | Birthing A Baby Revolutionary

An interweaving of an Ancestral creation tale and parallels of youthful remembrances of family activism and social justice intersecting with resisting drinking the Colonial cool-aid of conformity.

Terrance Littletent

Coming Soon

Theo Francon

Coming Soon





MC Anjela Magpantay & Teddy Ngkaion

1:30 PM
Sam Chimes Productions

2:00 PM
Hasnaa Fatehi

2:20 PM
Opening Welcome with Senaqwila Wyss

2:30 PM
The Big Bad Wolf (Immersive Promenade)

2:45 PM
All Bodies Dance Project

3:15 PM
Ancestral Teachings with Siobhan

3:40 PM
Terrance Littleton

4:05 PM
Kung Jaadee

4:25 PM
Theo Francon & Mike Kovac

4:50 PM
Anya Saugstad

5:05 PM
Emily Brook

5:30 PM
Haleluya Hailu

5:50 PM
Shion Skye Carter + Kisyuu

6:10 PM
Eva Ojeda F.

6:40 PM

6:55 PM
Janelle Reid

Roaming performance by
Laurel Scott

Installations by
Emerging Creatives
Ladan Sahraei
Mildred Grace German
Randall Bear Barnetson
Sarah Wong & Ileana Cheladyn
Seema Mehra
Shonta Kishiqweb
Terreane Derrick

Games and crafts
Playing with flowers with SEMILLITXS

Growing here/growing there with art ecosystem

Crafts table with Serisa Fitz-James



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Vines Art Festival takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.



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