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Blind and Low Vision Friendly

The land contains stories aplenty, histories rich in resistance and proclamations, denying the colonial project of erasure and removal. When We Were platforms the stories our bodies know, intergenerational legacies and knowledge


Amy Amantea | What People Ask a Blind Person

(Content Warning: ableism)

Amy Amantea, (she/her), has lived experience of both visible and invisible disability and identifies as having a profound sight loss. Seeing her sight loss as a “gift”, Amy has spent many years of her career in accessibility focusing on systemic change in the area of arts and culture. As an artist and creator, she has focused her work on the relationship to the lived experience of disability and how she experiences the world through her unique lens.

Under the artistic umbrella of Realwheels Theatre, Amy has performed in Arun Lakra’s “Sequence” (2017), Comedy on Wheels (2016), Wheel Voices Tune In (2021). Amy is also a media and radio personality for Accessible Media Inc and produces/hosts one of their original podcast, “Accessing Art with Amy”.

 Working in her capacity as the Community Outreach Coordinator for VocalEye Descriptive Arts Society and the Accessibility Coordinator for the Arts Club Theatre Company have furthered access for arts lovers that identify with disability in our local

Darius Kian and Leah Katz | “Together In Joy”

This work is about community, depicting a group of people sharing a meal together in solidarity. The artists hope to reflect an ideal world but also a tangible reality. A reminder that we are all together and we must uplift our friends and share with one another, and always leave a seat at the table for those who need it.

Hoodie Browns, Shemedelyne, Tonye Aganaba & Hampton

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Pablo – aka MagniFuego’s range of music experiences started when he was 9 years of age, and since then, he has been involved in various musical projects and has been the director of his two bands. One of his band projects plays his original songs from his Album called Planting Visions, by MagniFuego. MagniFuego-Planting Visions, álbum is on Spotify and all other streaming apps. His passion lies in playing a Latin + Rock fusion, and is well versed in percussive, string, and some pre-Spaniard South American indigenous wind (flutes) instruments.

Makenzie | Injustice and Inequality

The piece focuses on some social injustices, sexual violence, physical violence, and the economic and racial inequalities within society.  This is the story of the oppressed, told by the oppressed. 

Mildred Grace German

In Search of Hope: Kariton, Karton, Cartoon!” is a project of Vancouver-based

Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary artist Mildred Grace German. In collaboration with Carlos, an avid carpenter and craftsman, and Richmond-based artist-group MIRAGER, a kariton (Philippine-style of wooden cart) was conceptualized, designed and built. With complicated, entwined, and rich memories of ‘home’, ‘migration’, and ‘survival’ with uncertainty and limited means. Adding the notions of karton (in English, carton; also famous for Balikbayan Boxes) symbolizes the world economy, the supply chain, and the systemic racism in the global labour practices. Plus cartoons (because of the comedy and irony of it all).

Morning Star Trickey

Morning Star Trickey is a Vancouver-based vocal artist best known for her powerful and moving solo performances with City Soul Choir. Steeped in her southern US civil-rights roots, she embraces music as a bridge between cultures and generations. Admiring many genres including folk, soul, r & b and gospel, she believes music is a pathway towards  understanding and an expression of love and community.

Serisa Fitz-James

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Amy Amantea

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Morning Star Trickey

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Hoodie Browns, Tonye Aganaba, Shemedelyne & Hampton

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Darius Kian and Leah Katz
Mildred Grace German
Serisa Fitz-James

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