Sonic Performance

Land History with Christie Lee Charles

X̱epx̱páy̓em | Hadden Park | 1015 Maple St


Marisa Gold – 0:05
Christie Lee Charles – 1:45
Matthew Tomkinson & Andy Zuliani – Wave Tables – 6:28
Ḵáawan Sangáa (Brings-A-Special-Day) Woody Morrison – X̱aadas Ḵ’iigaang – Haida Storytelling – 12:12
Kiran Shoker – Topography II: Metamorphosis – 17:27
Robyn Jacob – Fossil Record – 23:42
paula luther – Typewriter Tales – 28:53
Kimit Sekhon – Dancing Forest – 34:02


Dance with us. Hadden Park is a melt of beautiful waterfront and gorgeous tree cover, but how has the history of this land come about with the ways in which our bodies move? Xepepáyem was here long before Hadden Park even existed, like the entirety of what we know today as Vancouver. Do these shorelines remember the bodies that once walked them before? FLUIDITY: BODIES, SOUND AND LAND explores the ways in which we all create relationships with our bodies to the land and the sounds that follow us throughout our journey. Featuring poetry and musing, this sonic performance invites the listener down a rabbit hole of history and experience.


Matthew Tomkinson & Andy Zuliani (sound) – “Wave Tables”
“Wave Tables” is an electronic symphony whose score is drawn from local water data spanning the last three decades, including records of industrial marine traffic, reports on petroleum use and pollution incidents, insurance claims for oil spills, and statistics on the mean sea level in Vancouver. Throughout the five-minute composition, passing years are denoted by an audible marker every ten seconds, and each data set (eight in total) is represented by a different instrument. Reading these data sets like sheet music, the performers attempt to make abstract ecological processes – and the scale on which they operate – intelligible as recorded sound.

Ḵáawan Sangáa (Brings-A-Special-Day) Woody Morrison (sound) – “X̱aadas Ḵ’iigaang – Haida Storytelling”
A description of the training of Oral Historians, a background of Concepts then the Haida Origin Story (No concept for “Create”) – the first human was Female. Then a couple of stories that demonstrate Rules of Conduct. The Role of Humour and the concept of a “Hot Mind”.

Kiran Shoker (sound) – “Topography II: Metamorphosis”
How do systems change and adapt? How does the new become normal? Exploring how we morph from cultivation to responsibility, acquisition to sustainability, this performance will map the process of healing. Just as Earth metamorphose, ecosystems adapt, diaspora and communities shift, we must repair and heal; galvanize a lasting home.

Robyn Jacob (sound) – “Fossil Record”
Fossil Record relates underwater noise pollution to capitalist control over how humans communicate, as well as corporate data mining of our interactions. This is a sneak peak of the 15 minute work, which features three singers and field recordings from the waters surrounding Hadden Park, and is in duet with the soundscape of the park itself. In its live form, it is intended to be experienced up close or from a distance, using “string and can” telephones.

paula luther (sound) – “Typewriter Tales”
paula luther engages community in a series of socially distanced conversations over a vintage typewriter. A carefully crafted Tale springs forth from freshly sanitized hands laying fingers to typewriter keys. One socially distanced line added at a time to create a collaborative story together while apart. Existential musings for our times.

Kimit Sekhon (Paperwave) (sound) – “Dancing Forest”
Paperwave (Kimit Sekhon) take the natural sounds of the west coast and fuses them with the elements of House music. Open your ears to birds chirping through lush delays, the sound of the stream bubbling through cavernous reverb and the gentle wash of the wind through the trees. This electronic experience will be supported by the driving rhythms of the 4 on the floor which has found it’s way from the queer underground parties of the Chicago in the late 80’s and 90’s to the entire world. This set will be accompanied with gently pulsating rainbow lighting being refracted through a hand-built modular origami structure.

Julia Zinovjeva (installation) – “Natural Dyeing Installation with Carotitatelier”
The idea for my project is to create a connection between urban individuals and natural system by developing the knowledge of the natural dying. I am working on a directory for colors produced from the local plants, flowers and trees of the park areas. A large-scale fabric installation composed of only naturally dyed textiles will be displayed in Trout Lake Park. Public is invited to explore, learn and play with this installation. The resulting work is both a visual celebration of nature and an invitation for all to experience the power of large-scale public art.

Sharon Pink (installation) – “What We Have Here and Now”
This installation will be a spell for Justice, Safety and Love. Using found objects from the park, an altar will be built with the intention of casting a spell for the Collective. Folks are invited to add to this throughout the festival as they feel called to.

Wen Wen (Cherry) Lu (installation) – “Gatherings”
Gatherings is a site-specific installation consisting of hundreds of small, fragile and translucent figures. Each bend and flow with the wind and together, they quietly mark the beauty of nature. The artwork is activated by the public and its surroundings, bringing awareness to human impact and the fragility of land in which we reside.

Soeine Bac (video) – “Songs of Absence”
I intend to evoke fragile but enduring humanity through the gruesome tragedy of Lavinia, in a ritual form.
Direction and Performance by Soeine Bac
Video documentation by David Laslo

Pierre Leichner (image) – “We all need them.”
Roots have fascinated me since my childhood and are rich in metaphors. We all need roots. We have them within our body, with our family, community and spiritually with our planet and the cosmos.The roots of the plants became the sculptural forms, the means of expression in this show. I first showed these cypress trees roots sculptures at The Vines Festival in 2015. After growing 10 years in their moulds I will be opening them fully to discover their final forms at the Vines festival.


Julia Zinovjeva – Natural Dyeing Installation with Carotitatelier
Sharon Pink – What We Have Here and Now
Wen Wen (Cherry) Lu – Gatherings

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Soeine Bac – Songs of Absence

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Pierre Leichner – We all need them.


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