Sonic Performance

Land History with Christie Lee Charles

Trout Lake Park | 2120 E 19th Ave


Christie Lee Charles – 0:20
Marisa Gold – 4:36
Zion Fyah – Free-Dumb – 6:36
ANGELIQUOI? – Diaspora Mouth – 11:03
Paige Smith – Static – 17:41
Mildred Grace German – Huwag Kang Baboy / Year of the Swine – 20:50
Offensive and Disposable (a.k.a. Hasnaa) – Waiting on Canada – 25:22
Art Action Earwig – Excerpt from Home Squat Home – 28:57


Have you rested yet? Strolling through the paths, tickled by willow branches and rich green foliage, Trout Lake Park provides sprawling fields and gentle hills, children laughing and wildlife all intermingling in cacophonous life. And just like life, COMPLEXITY OF TOGETHER balances the voices of many, in beautiful conjunction: conveying numerous emotions and explorations, healing and realizations. There is reprieve here, at the crossroads of many.


Zion Fyah (sound) – “Free-Dumb”
Musical performance of original songs in the genres of reggae and world music.

ANGELIQUOI? (sound) – “Diaspora Mouth”
Diaspora Mouth is an audio exploration of healing generations of silence between the- Chipazon the way my ancestors first moved, by running – to my new found rest. My ancestors were told, “This is how you shall eat it, your belts fastened, your sandals on your feet, and your walking stick in your hand; and you shall eat it hurriedly, bechipazon” – and I am quietly and slowly healing the gap between my peace and their hurriedness. An exploration of facing the sounds of healing that I, as a first generation Russian-Ukrainian-Jewish, have learned to run from.

Paige Smith (sound) – “Static”
Caught in a loop of paralyzing television programs, a woman is finally awoken from her trance only to discover there is no escape from this prison of TVs. “Static” examines the addictive nature of content consumption through its narrative and form.

Mildred Grace German (sound) – “Huwag Kang Baboy / Year of the Swine”
Huwag Kang Baboy / Year of the Swine is an ongoing project born out of the multi-disciplinary art practice of Mildred Grace German where she combined visual art, choreography, film art, and music direction to present a timely performance that challenges the norm.

Offensive and Disposable  (a.k.a. Hasnaa) (sound) – “Waiting on Canada”
Working with a highly regulated combination of words, I pledge that I will stand for my dignity and recover my title. 

This is a mandatory test. Your copy is objective evidence that you listened and took note. 

To establish your adequacy, send your copy for correction to 

You may wait for an unknown amount of time for the answer regarding your aptitude.

Art Action Earwig (sound) – “Excerpt from Home Squat Home”
Home Squat Home is originally a performance installation for storytelling using shadow puppetry and light projections on the surface of a tent. At Vines, the performance is boiled down to a sonic squatting in your ear. The stories bring together personal and collective memories, traumatic observations of capitalist societies’ systemic failures, desires for true care and change manifested by grassroots movements. Squatting is both a profound reconnection to primary human desires and a political action to realize our dignity as nature-beings.

Bea Miller (installation) – “Revealing the Colours of Trout Lake”
For this site-specific installation “Revealing the Colours of Trout Lake”, Bea used both introduced and indigenous species that do or would grow in this formerly forested wetland area in the Pacific Northwest. The plants, with time and heat, display their hidden dye colours: goldenrod + St. John’s wort; tansy + elder; black walnut + willow; and oregon grape + oak.

The Hawks Project (installation) – “Octo in its Garden”
Octo is the result of a creative collaboration between The Hawks project, artist Alex Penney and Ocean Legacy Foundation. Octo is made entirely from sea trash collected from local shorelines. He highlights the trash left behind by the marine industry and brings awareness to the ever increasing pollution of our waters.

The Hawks Project is an artist duo that works together out of 1182 east Hastings street. The Hawks participate in a variety of projects with a focus on recycling, slow fashion and community collaboration.

SLAB (video)
SLAB is a quintet-ssential collective of clown artists exploring the many facets of matter in relation to the Soul’s operation, Earth and its many manifestations of constructs. SLAB will implicitly and explicitly take you on a quest through paradoxical questions and the shedding of old skin. You’ll cycle through the realms of birth, death, rebirth and creation and recognize unconscious pleasures within the vast ocean of memories. There will be chameleon shapeshifters and musical birds. There will be dance and utter stillness. SLAB is an experimental creation seeking to crack open into the raw material that is the essence of transformation. Discovering flexibility and responsibility in the places that feel stuck to us while sourcing from within to affect the outside systems. Come share in the wonder and regain the courage to openness of all interwoven phenomena!


Bea Miller
The Hawks Project – Octo in its Garden

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