Video by  Ladan Sahraei who is doing ASL interpretation, with information on two event dates that will include August 8th 2018, and August 18th 2018.

Sen̓áḵw (Squamish) | sən̓áqʷ (Henqiminem)

with ASL Interpretation

Rafał Czachor The Bench Project
1 – 4 PM
The bench project is an interactive and mobile experience. It seeks to make the familiar unfamiliar; to provide a safe space to feel and explore what it means to live on stolen land. One participant at a time will join me and my backpack bench as we walk around Granville Island. There is no route. No destination. This project is about listening to ourselves, our bodies, and learning from each other. By engaging with all our senses, silent walking, and pop-up conversations on the bench, we will enter into our bodies and notice where, and how, we are.

1 – 1:45 PM
A latin band whose repertoire is made of Vernacula music (music that talks about costumes and traditions from the hispanic nations.) Norman Enrique G Villamizar (Percusion); Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez Cardona (Guitarra/Voz)

All Bodies DanceSanctuary
2 – 2:15 PM
All Bodies Dance explores how to hold and transform space in the body and how that transformation changes the distance between moving bodies and the moving body of city spaces. Harmanie and Rianne examine sanctuary in relationship to self, to one another, and to the people that inhabit public spaces.
Choreographed and performed by Harmanie Taylor and Rianne Svelnis

Rabbit Richards
2:30 – 2:50 PM
An emotional and conscious, curated set of spoken-word poetry to challenge comfortable folks, comfort folks facing challenges, and encourage us all to consider our place in the world and what we can do about it. The works displayed here give evidence of humour and soft love, while showcasing the values of curiosity, nuance, and empathy.
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Quin Lawrence
3 – 3:30 PM
Poetry with Q is intimate, challenging and vulnerable. Expect to examine deeply-held assumptions about crip status, the ways in which aesthetics of beauty versus ugly fail us, and the liberation of those who sit down for our rights.Come bitter or curious, with love or judgment, come as you are, come open-hearted or tight-fisted. This is a space to be pushed and held.
I’d like to acknowledge the global disability community, and in particular Tai Trewhella as the creator of Cripple Punk, and the crip, disabled, & ill elders who’ve taken time to educate me on our history and ongoing resistance.

Tom Catyr Todd Venus and Moon
3:30 – 4 PM
Venus and Moon is a play about two planets that explores our relationship to femininity throughout history and what it looks like today. The play centres on queer characters and queer experience through absurdism and intimacy.


We will be growing our art installations with you! Come join us and create your own sea creature to take home with you! Led by Marcey Amaya

Marta Robertson Smyth
Transforming Granville Island into a vivid depiction of Ocean Life with images supplied by Marta Robertson-Smyth. These images will be attached to the pipes on the periphery of the workshop area and will serve as an attraction to draw participants and to serve as inspiration and reference for people participating in the workshop.

Dalia Levy – Connective (T)issue
Inspired by women’s Arpilleras of Pinochet’s Chile, this knit/embroidery piece protests the Pacific garbage patch and extractive economies like bitumen on our coast. As the same criminal mentality of supremacy exhibited under a dictatorship disappears our earth and our humanity, the piece simultaneously highlights the powerful sources of life embedded into all of us. Representative of the underground connective channels that create the webs of mycellium our entire planetary eco-system grows from, the netting gives further conceptual insights of life woven into all DNA.  With women’s traditional textile knowledge as a means to subvert and survive, the piece protests the plunder blanketing earth and the interwoven convergence of issues in an era of global crises.

Christian Vistan – Papag
A papag is a wooden bed, made with bamboo and other local materials, used to sit, sleep, eat, and gossip on in the Philippines. The papag’s quotidian use and construction is characteristic of life in rural towns. In Vines, Christian Vistan’s Papag is an infrastructure for sitting and togetherness. Harnessing its potential for conviviality and conversation, Papag hopes to function as a platform for local words, thoughts, and interactions to be generated, collected, and stored – Papag as a propositional publication.


1 – 1:10 PM
Blue Cedar

Yoro Noukoussi
1:10 – 1:30 PM
Blue Cedar
Born in North Benin, Africa and chief’s son of the Waama people, this multi-instrumentalist singer- songwriter learned the art of storytelling and drumming from his family as they traveled the region sharing their cultural traditions. Now in Canada, Yoro is in great demand as a performer, having mastered the donga (talking drum), kokomba (congas), and djembe. On stage, both solo and with his band, he is a dynamic and mesmerizing performer, drawing you in to the sights, sounds, and rhythms of West Africa.

Polymer Dance
1:30 – 1:50 PM
Red Cedar
What influences the individual? What mobilizes a whole community? What does it take to generate change?
Using ensemble improvisation as a medium, “tipping point” is an exploration of how change happens in a system. Inspired by the urgency to create positive change in socio-economic and environmental contexts, this piece reflects on individual, group and community actions and reactions that push status quo to the edges of change, as well as, those who experience resistance. Moving through responses that are both temporary and permanent, subtle and obvious, change is a profound process that is inevitable.
Sonja Janousek (lead), Jocelyn Cameron (musician) Polymer Dancers (co-creators)

Crystal Smith
1:50 – 2:10 PM
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Ronnie Dean Harris for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival. Crystal Smith is Tsimshian, Haisla and has been adopted into the Heiltsuk nation. She is a single mother of two beautiful children and is raising them to be proud Tsimshian and Haisla beings. She writes to bring awareness to the devastation colonialism is having on Indigenous peoples but more importantly the resilience and power of Indigenous peoples to engage and uplift each other. She recently achieved her Masters in Educational Administration and Leadership with a focus on Indigenous leadership at UBC.

2:10 – 2:30 PM
Blue Cedar
Pronounced Kat-hara, Kathara’s beginnings are in the Philippines, a vision to coexist in peace and harmony with one another and the abundant environment; to celebrate the beautiful diversity of tribal peoples in Mindanao. “Lupa Ay Buhay” Land is Life!! Kathara continues the legacy here in Canada between Filipinos and the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Serisa Fits James, Mutia Juristika, and Emily Glass
2:30 –  2:50 PM
Three Artists from Vines inaugural youth program.

Ariel Martz-Oberlander – On Behalf of My Body
2:50 – 3:10 PM
Red Cedar
On behalf of my body explores living in the body after sexual trauma and touches on the intersectionality of sexual violence, ptsd and dissociation. What does it mean to be part of a diaspora – separated from the land, history and the self?
Creators: Ariel Martz-Oberlander and Sasha Duranseaud
IG: @arielbeforethemermaid and @sdurandseaud

Jessica McMann
3:10 – 3:30 PM
Cree/Sioux Dancer and Musician Jessica McMann will be presenting a unique outdoor work that merges new compositions with traditional hoop dance. I invite you to come witness a dance that honours the beings that fly, walk, burrow, swim and rooted beings that are all part of this great circle of life. This piece is family friendly.

Heather Lamoureux – Welcome
3:30 – 3:40 PM
Blue Cedar

Uschi Tala
3:40 – 4 PM
Blue Cedar
A self taught multi instrumentalist and poet, Uschi Tala draws inspiration from the elements the underworld and the light found within darkness. Wielding a loop pedal, beat machine and various instruments, she creates ambient soundscapes that dance along hauntingly serene vocals and rhythmic rhymes. Uschi’s music has been described as tragically beautiful, otherworldly and pure magic. Her lyrics embody an ocean of healing and encourage others to sea the radiance in themselves as well as the bigger picture. She will ground your spirit, and raise your heart into ethereal worlds of the in between.
I would like to dedicate my piece to the fire and water as well

Valeen Jules
4 – 4:20 PM
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Rosemary Georgeson for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival. Valeen Jules, also known as Kā’ ānni, is a determined young Indigenous warrior from the Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka’wakw Nations. A former foster kid, homeless youth and 1st-yr college dropout, she is now known as a political organizer, motivational speaker, youth outreach worker, spoken word artist, black snake killer and ”overeducated extremist” across Turtle Island. She released her first chapbook ʔiiḥmisicin July 2016 which has been used in the curriculum of a Humanities course at Emily Carr University.

Onibana Taiko
4:20 – 4:40 PM
Blue Cedar
Formed in 2016, Onibana Taiko are three veterans of Vancouver’s Taiko community whose performance presentations draw from Japanese traditional  music and festival rituals – all with a touch of punk aesthetics. Onibana is a type of flower that grows in the grave sites in Japan. Through taiko, the group seeks to transform shadow elements into beauty.  Their performances allows audience members to commune with ancestors via obon dance, song, sensu (fan) cheerleading, fue (flute), shamisen and kick-ass taiko. The group is comprised of Eileen Kage, Noriko Kobayashi and Leslie Komori whose depth of performance and taiko experiences combine to over 100 years.

Lesley Dawn Kosinski
4:40 – 5 PM
Our gross overuse of plastic has devastated countless ecosystems. Every single choice we make, each cup of coffee, plastic bag or takeout container used contributes to this global epidemic. For this piece I collected my own plastic waste, contemplating the environmental impact of my actions and choices. Tuning in to my inner landscape to sense fear, guilt, shame, and grief; allowing these emotions to move me; physically embodying the struggle of Nature versus Plastic. Is there hope? Can we Rise above Plastics? It is up to us to make a change and protect our sacred home, Planet Earth.
Deep gratitude to all my teachers past, present, and future. Special thanks to George Hong, Vancouverite at heart, for his unwaivering support and guidance on this journey known as life.

Jaye Simpson
5 – 5:20 PM
Blue Cedar
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Musician Edzi’u for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival. jaye simpson is a Oji-Cree Anishinaabe Two Spirit warrior whose roots hail from the Sapotaweyak Cree Nation. jaye is a libra sun, sagittarius rising, scorpio moon but delusionally identifies as a scorpio since it’s all over their birth chart. jaye holds firm their rage about being a former youth in care, as well as a queer Indigenous person and weaves it into poetry and prose. jaye explores the magic, intimacy and vulnerability they encounter as a healing creature amongst other healing beings. you can find them being awfully cliché in cafes on Commercial Drive and East Vancouver, where they are in fact NOT writing screenplays, but sending important emails and trying to meet deliverables for several contracts. jaye held KPU’s Slamapalooza 2017 Champion and is now on Vancouver Slam Poetry’s Team 2018 heading to Guelph in the fall. they have competed across the country and have been nationally recognized, as well as published in Poetry is Dead’s issue Coven. jaye is a displaced Indigenous person living, creating and occupying on xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), səl̓ilwətaɁɬ (Tsleil-waututh), and sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) First Nations territories.

Marisa Gold and Janelle Reid
5:20 – 5:40 PM
We are moving in circles and breaking new ground – spiraling endlessly toward our greatest good – returning to ourselves to find deeper truths. Experience new perspectives and discover the infinite dimensions of self reflected in our environment and within those around us. Kindred spirits, one powerful unconditional love. Thank you to Heather and the Vines team
Instagram: @marathegold @janellereid46

Jaz Whitford
5:40 – 6 PM
Blue Cedar
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Sandy Scofield for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival. Jaz is an anti-professional, working as a street musician, slam poet and overall bad ass artist with a focus on decolonization and indigenous autonomy. they are a defender of the sacred and use their craft as a tool to decolonization and land sovereignty. they reside as a guest on unceded and ancestral territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), səl̓ilwətaɁɬ (Tsleil-waututh), and sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) First Nation peoples, otherwise and colonially known as Vancouver. they and their fire are from the Secwepemc nation of the south central interior.

6 – 6:20 PM
Blue Cedar
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Jonina Kirton for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival.  mitcholos aka Łapḥsp̓at̓unakʔi Łim̓aqsti, is a nuučan̓uɫ poet living on stolen Coast Salish Territory, of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh & səl̓ilwətaɁɬ first nations. as a guest for 3 years and running, they believe ʔuusaḥiniš tiič č̓aʔak, they believe hishukish tsawaak, and they believe in iisaak. and thusly, stand in solidarity with tsleil-watuuth first nations against kinder morgan pipeline. mitcholos was a Poet of Honor Rising Voice of Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2017. and is now a Vancouver Poetry Slam team member representing vanslam for 2018-19.

Alex Taylor-McCallum
6:20 – 6:50 PM
Resilient Roots artist who has been mentored by Nikki Ermineskin for creating a new piece for this year’s Vines Festival. My name is Dzi-Kis-A-Way’ee. My Colonial English name is Alex Taylor-McCallum. I am Kwakwaka’wakw (Mamtagila, Namgis, Musgamagw Dzawadeneaux) and Nuu-Cha-Nulth (Heshquait and Mowachat). I am a writer, artist, singer and aspiring filmmaker. I have been deeply impacted by working with my Late Uncle Beau Dick (Walusgwayum), for making short films and carrying on my traditions as a Bakwam / Indigenous person. I want  to create work that will bring together our people from many cultures to create films around the different ways in which we are displaced, decolonization, solidarity and so much more.

Old Soul Rebel
6:50 – 7:20 PM
Blue Cedar
Old Soul Rebel is the musical musings of Chelsea DE Johnson and Lola Whyte, a raw blend of soul and rock n roll.



New (to) Town Collective Parade
12:30 – 1:30 PM
N(t)TC is an emerging theatre collective that is aspiring to provide accessible, experimental training workshops and creating new interdisciplinary works together. We are interested in collaborating and cross pollinating our practices and ideas with collaborators from across all artistic disciplines through our Training Jams. As a Collective, we bring together a unique blend of practices including: Grotowski, devising, clowning, visual arts, contemporary dance, playwriting, dramaturgy, directing and more!

Barbara AdlerKoiker
2:30 PM, 3:40 PM & 4:40 PM
Inspired equally by the history of Dutch duck hunting and Millennial Pink, Koiker rafts together three stories and a set of evocative objects in an intimate site-specific performance. A continuation of Decoy (2018), which introduced Lorne, his son Jason, and 70 antique duck decoys, Koiker delves further into themes of morality, intimacy and longing for the natural world. Created and performed by Barbara Adler. 15 minutes. Not suggested for very young children. Follow the pink ducks to find the show…
Thank you to Kyla Gardiner, James Meger and to Ten Thousand Wolves.

Lily Cryan – Sirens
3 – 3:30 PM & 5 – 5:30 PM
“Sirens” is a wandering flock of bird people, get too close and they just might bite. Get entranced by their gaze and you may find yourself surprised. Follow them for an intimate and unique look at the places we live.
Thank you: ArtStarts in Schools & Lea Sanchez Milde
Created in collaboration with the Performers: Tin Gamboa, Jenna Kraychy, Chris Reed, Madisen Steele, Katherine Vincent

Monica Trejbal
2 – 4 PM
Monica’s roving clown is interactive and improv based, emphasizing connection both with groups and individual members of the crowd. Both on stage or in an open public space, her clown pokes fun at taboo topics of social convention. Her body is flexible and versatile and her movements enhance her ability to take on an extraordinarily playful form. The infectiousness of her warm and whimsical nature open the spectator up to delight, abandoning the confines of rigid social roles, closing the gaps in humanity…bringing lightness.


Anne Montgomery
1 – 4 PM
Textile artists Anne Montgomery and Dawn Livera invite you to come and share in the creation of a Cast Off Crazy Quilt. In the same manner of traditional sewing bees, we encourage people to collect cast off items in the park and then hand stitch them onto a repurposed piece of fabric.
So called trash once had a purpose, although often a short-lived one. By creating an art quilt from what is essentially garbage, we hope to encourage waste reduction and recycling, and inspire people to see the beauty in what otherwise would be considered cast off items.
FB page

Swallow Cacn
2 – 5 PM
Swallow has been an editor, writer and teacher for decades. Art is her favorite hobby. She enjoys all kinds of arts and crafts, practicing oil painting, making dream catchers, twisting balloon and doing face painting for kids and all kinds of festivals. What’s more she is good at Chinese teaching that she has been teaching a number of non-Chinese origin kids Chinese poems and singing. Her honest attitude with good personality and patience are highly welcome by kids. For the VINES festival she will do both face painting and balloon for you. She would be very happy to tutor on how to make them on the spot. Welcome ( 欢迎光临) to her table.

Claudia Segovia
4 – 6 PM
Imagination Station!  Young and young at heart come to play with creativity!!  Build a sculpture made of recycled/found materials and take it home.



Matthew Tomkinson Big Clear Plastic Ear
Big Clear Plastic Ear (BCPE) is an interactive sound sculpture made of 100% post-consumer waste. Alongside the official City of Vancouver collection bins, the BCPE functions as a recycling container. At the bottom of the ear is a small speaker, which emits pre-recorded sound. As the container fills up throughout the day with litter, this sound becomes altered by public “contributions.” In another sense, however, it’s the space of the ear itself that is being altered – hence its “plasticity.” The BCPE is an overt statement on noise pollution, hearing loss, and our listening relationship to the environment. The piece was made in collaboration with Elissa Hanson.

Ben Wylie Wind Chimes
A collection of hanging wind chimes made with materials gathered from the dumpsters, beaches, alleys, and parks around the city. Natural and manufactured detritus is suspended in the air and allowed to sound together, reflecting the disharmony between our human endeavors and the natural world. Viewers will be invited to interact with the installation and hear the different sounds produced by the collected materials.

Charlotte Priest 58 Oceans Project
Inspired by the #GoWildForSalmon and the #KMchallenge and the desire to connect more deeply with the ocean, artists Anna Kraulis and Charlotte Priest investigate how an individual challenge can connect us to larger environmental issues. Committing to going in the ocean for 29 consecutive days, they document a personal inquiry into their unique relationships to the life-giving Pacific Ocean that surrounds them, while drawing awareness to issues on the coast. The practice will be documented in photographs and words. A photo will be taken each day from the Strawberry Moon (June) to the Buck Moon (July), for a total of 58 photographs with poetic ruminations, turned into an engaging display.
Insta: @58oceansproject
Fb: 58 Oceans Project
we were inspired by:

Art is Land Network –Relic
Embark on a voyage of discovery .
Moored  beside Trout Lake a woven skeletal vessel form of local willow branches awaits intervention.
Nicole Dextras, Fae Logie and Robin Ripley, three members of AILN (Art is land Network) continue the network’s tradition of  working with natural and repurposed materials to engage with the landscape.
AILN will collaborate with the festivals participants to activate the landlocked “Relic”

Christian Vistan – Papag
A papag is a wooden bed, made with bamboo and other local materials, used to sit, sleep, eat, and gossip on in the Philippines. The papag’s quotidian use and construction is characteristic of life in rural towns. In Vines, Christian Vistan’s Papagis an infrastructure for sitting and togetherness. Harnessing its potential for conviviality and conversation, Papaghopes to function as a platform for local words, thoughts, and interactions to be generated, collected, and stored – Papagas a propositional publication