The Georgia Straight named Vines Festival “Best New Festival”
“This truly grassroots East Van happening shows eco art in every possible manifestation, pushing into the highly conceptual, the performance-art based, and the provocative. The fest, in only its second year, avoids the literal and is full of surprises and wonder. That’s what it will take to wake people to the enviro crisis at hand.”
The Georgia Straight


Hosting the Vines Art Festival in public spaces to be enjoyed for free is one of the ways in which we strive to make art accessible to different communities across Vancouver. However, we know that parks and beaches can be inaccessible for communities that experience physical and sensory barriers in navigating public space, and who may be exposed to life threatening situations in public, including folks who are disabled, Blind, have low vision, are Deaf, hard of hearing, neurodivergent, Black, Indigenous, of colour, migrants, houseless, queer, trans, and immunocompromised.

Please find our accessibility offerings for Vines Art Festival 2021 below. If you cannot find what you need, please email Marcelo at

We will have naloxone kits available and ready to respond to overdoses on site.

We will have safer drug use supplies at every event provided by YouthCO HIV and Hep C Society. Learn about safer drug use at Towards the Heart.



There will be food trucks and open concession stands at some events. We are working on securing a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Please email Marcelo at if you need more details.

If you are able to, please bring the food and water that you require. It will be a long, sunny festival! You will be able to find fruit and snacks at the Info Booth as well as water bottles if you need them. 



We will offer Blind and Low vision friendly events on August 14th at Trout lake Park and August 17th at Hadden Park. Most performances on these days will be musical and spoken word. Andrea Cownden will be offering descriptions of the location, MCs and performers. She will also offer an interactive tour of our installations.

If you require guiding to the performance areas, please contact Marcelo at to coordinate a meeting point.

Earth Witnessing are audios and visual works designed to engage with the senses at local parks. The audio component of this project is available to listen on Spotify and Apple via the following links:



The visual component of the project has not been image described yet.



In all our events, including non ASL interpreted events, there will be front seats reserved for Deaf and HOH audiences.

Our events on August 10, 12, 13, 17 and 19 will have ASL-English interpretation.

Deaf artist Caroline Hebert will be performing poetry in ASL on August 17th.

Marcelo, the Accessibility Director, is an ASL student with basic ASL and Deaf culture knowledge. They would be happy to meet you at the Info Booth if you need them. Volunteers and staff are prepared to communicate through writing if needed.



We made videos that show you what each of the parks we work at look like. In them, Marcelo, the Accessibility Director, shows you paths, performance spaces, washrooms, maps, and gives you some more information you may need. Find them at this link:

Feel free to get up, move, make noise, and walk around at every Vines event. Our staff and volunteers will not ask you to be still or quiet. We are unable to control environmental stimulation due to the outdoor, public settings of the festival, but we will have the following aids available at the Info Booth:

  • Colour communication badges (used to communicate interaction comfort levels)
  • Fidget toys
  • Earplugs 
  • Art supplies



We have reached out to the Parks Board in the past to ask about accessibility audits for parks and beaches, but these have not been provided. Please refer to our access videos for visual aids that may help you identify barriers at each event location:

If you require specific assistance, please contact Marcelo at before the festival. They will work to meet your needs.



We have sturdier and wider chairs available upon request at the Info Booth. This sitting is reserved for fat and disabled folks. If you are thin and able bodied, please make use of the folding chairs that are already available near the stage. Audiences are also encouraged to bring their own chairs or blankets to set up on the grass.



Vines Art Festival is made possible through work, creativity, and resilience from  Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary and gender diverse people (2STNBGD). We strive to make space for our T2SNBGD audiences in our art and in the public spaces where we work.

Some of the event locations do not have all genders washrooms available. Please reach out to Marcelo (who is genderqueer, trans) or a volunteer if you would feel safer using the washroom with a buddy.


Parking: There is a for-pay parking lot ($3.50 hourly, $13 daily) located in between the park and beach area (Arbutus St and McNicoll Ave). There is a second for-pay parking lot further south on Arbutus St, which is a greater distance from the festival.

Street parking along the side of the park (Maple St) is free, but may be difficult to secure. More free parking options may be found in the neighbouring residential area.

Washrooms: There are two washrooms that will have temporary universal washroom signage for the duration of the Vines Art Festival event.

Pathways: Pathways within the park are paved. The beach where Dear Ocean Roaring will take place may be hard to access. The performance can be viewed from the park’s pathway.

Transit: The closest bus stop to this location is located on Cornwall Ave at Cypress St (2 Macdonald/Downtown). Hadden Park is 750 meters (about a 10 minute walk) from this bus stop.

This event, and all Vines Art Festival events, are 100% free.

CRAB PARK at PORTSIDE (101 East Waterfront Road)
Parking: A for-pay parking lot is located on the closer side of the hill to the park. Parking can only be paid via the smartphone app hangTag. The parking lot located closer to the helipad is closed to the public.

Accessing the park: CRAB Park is located at Waterfront Rd behind the train rails. It can be accessed through an overpass at Main St and Alexander St. It can be accessed without a motor vehicle. Please note that the hill is steep.

Washrooms: Washrooms will have temporary universal washroom signage. Some washroom stalls have no doors.

Needle disposal units are available inside the washrooms.

Pathways: There are gravel parkways within the park.

Transit: The nearest bus stop is located at Main St and Powell St (7 Dunbar, 4 UBC) 350 meters/a 5 minute walk to the park.

All Vines Art Festival events are 100% free.

PANDORA PARK (2325 Franklin Street)
Parking: There are no parking lots at Pandora Park. Free street parking is available.

Washrooms: There are two washrooms that will have temporary universal washroom signage.

Pathways: Pathways at the park are wide and paved with minimal inclination.

Transit: Pandora Park is near the bus stops for the 7 Nanaimo/Dunbar, 16 Arbutus/29th Ave, 14 UBC/Hastings, and 95 Burrard Station/SFU.

All Vines Art Festival events are 100% free.

DAVID LAM PARK (1300 Pacific Boulevard)
Parking: David Lam Park has no parking lot. Metered and free street parking may be available.

Washrooms: The nearest public washrooms are located inside Roundhouse Community Centre. There are two gendered washrooms and a universal, single stall, wheelchair accessible washroom on the first floor.

Needle disposal units are available inside the washrooms.

Pathways: The performance area can be accessed via the seawall.

Transit David Lam Park is close to Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain Station, the 6 Davie/Downtown bus stop by the skytrain station, and the 23 Beach/Main bus stop at Pacific Blvd and Drake St.

All Vines Art Festival events are 100% free.

CREEKSIDE PARK (1455 Quebec Street)
Parking: There are for-pay parking lots around Science World including one right next to Creekside Park. They do however tend to be full. The McDonald’s located at 1527 Main St has free parking.

Washrooms: The closest accessible public washrooms to the festival site are located at Creekside Community Centre (550 meters/about a 6 min walk away via the seawall). There are two gendered washrooms downstairs that are labelled trans inclusive. Upstairs (accessible by elevator), there are two more gendered washrooms and one single stall universal and wheelchair accessible washroom with push buttons to open and close doors.

Needle disposal units are available inside the washrooms.

There are additional washrooms located in fast food restaurants in the area.

Pathways: The seawall and other pathways surrounding the park are paved.

Transit: Creekside Park is 400 meters/about a 5 min walk from Main Street-Science World Station. The bus stop for the 3 Main/Downtown, the 8 Fraser/Downtown, 19 Metrotown/Stanley Park, and 23 Main/Beach buses are all located around the Skytrain station.

All Vines Art Festival events are 100% free.

NEW BRIGHTON PARK (3201 New Brighton Rd)

Parking: There are 2free parking lots; one accessed through Commissioner St, the second is the pool parking lot on McGill St. There is also free street parking along New Brighton Rd and accessible parking spots in the staff parking lot accessed through New Brighton Rd

Washrooms: There are gendered washrooms adjacent to the pool

Pathways: There is a paved sidewalk along the park, and the paths inside the park are gravel.

Transit: The bus stop for the number 4 bus is located at McGill and Renfrew. The park is accessed through an overpass.

All Vines Art Festival events are 100% free.

TROUT LAKE PARK (2120 East 19th Avenue)
Parking: There are two free parking lots, one is by Trout Lake Community Centre and the other is at the southeast of the park.

Washrooms: Accessible washrooms are located inside the Trout Lake Community Centre. The accessible stalls are located at the far end of the washroom, with roughly a 3ft wide doorway and 5ft-by-5ft stall.

Pathways: Pathways leading from the parking lots into the performance area are gravel, but wide.

Transit: The nearest bus stops are the 20 Victoria at Commercial Dr and E 14th Ave (650 meters/8 min walk to park,) and the 7 Nanaimo at Nanaimo St and Franklin St (750 meters/10 min walk to park).

This event, and all Vines Art Festival events, are 100% free.


Your donation will support the growth of eco-arts in Vancouver.

Vines Art Festival takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.



Pandora Fieldhouse
2325 Franklin Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 1S2