Since March, a group of passionate young artists and activists have been meeting once a week to create 8 short performances about the climate crisis and the ways we address it. Titled Generation Hot, the project is an initiative by theatre company The Only Animal. The diversity of the group, and the skills and knowledge represented, is remarkable. The participants had an opportunity to hear from leaders from the activist and arts communities who came to speak to the group, with guests from the CCPAs Seth Klein, to Tsleil-Watuth mover and shaker Carleen Thomas. As we come to terms with the nature of life at the eleventh hour of climate chaos, finding supportive communities is incredibly valuable. Activism, especially creative, can be a seemingly futile pursuit, often like shouting into the void. How nice to find people to shout with you, and maybe even wear costumes while doing it! The group will be presenting excerpts from their pieces at Vines Festival, come see a sneak peek before Fringe.
– Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Excerpts include:
Monster Moon Theatre’s “Disposable Generation
Krys Yuan’s “Amber
The Two Gents’ “Cosmic Justice
Ariels Martz-Oberlander’s “The Lilacs That Come A Month Early Are Still So Beautiful