What: Free Cyanotype Workshop
When: Saturday, May 25
Time: 12 PM – 3 PM
Where: Pandora Park Fieldhouse, 2325 Franklin Street, Vancouver
Cost: Free!

Join us at the Pandora Park Fieldhouse for a cyanotype workshop out in the sun! Cyanotype is an accessible photographic printing technique that exposes objects on treated paper (or other materials) to sunlight/other UV sources to produce cyan-coloured prints. Commonly used to make copies of negatives and drawings for blueprints, cyanotypes were also used to document different plants, species, and the world around us.

The workshop will take on an experimental approach, inviting participants to play with different combination of objects, shapes, and densities to make their own unique print. Vines Art Festival will provide paper and other required materials! We invite you to bring your favorite item or photographic negative to the workshop.