Join us at the Pandora Park Fieldhouse (2325 Franklin Street) this Saturday afternoon on July 27 from 12-5 or an afternoon of mural painting! Multi-disciplinary artist Jason Bempong will be working on murals out in the sun, guests are invited to observe and maybe even play with some paint themselves.

Jason Bempong is a Canadian born Dancer, Performance Artist, Actor, Stylist, Videographer and Healer currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. Jason’s interest in dance was sparked at the age of 12 when he saw the moonwalk done in person for the first time. Ever since, Jason has been studying from the greats from Michael Jackson to Tight Eyez while attending workshops to help him expand in a variety of styles. From ages 13 to 16 Jason lived in Ghana. There he was exposed to a new side of expression and storytelling and spirituality through dance. This trip enabled Jason to connect to his roots in a way he had never done before. In later years, Jason had the opportunity to learn from Lady C, Majid and Henry Link, to name a few. He eventually began entering dance battles and even took first place at Don’t Sweat Da Technique thrown by Douglas Collage Hip Hop club. Winning this 2vs2 Allstyles battle was shortly followed by another victory at Got Soul. Jason claimed first place in both the All-styles and Hip Hop categories. Aside from battling Jason also teaches how to move energy through movement, breath and focus.

Jason also runs a successful streetwear brand called Sleepless Mindz which encourages individuals to embrace their creativity and quench their burning desire to create. Sleepless Mindz has collaborated with other artists and dance clubs throughout North America. Most recently Jason has starred in Lidos Visual EP IOU2 which was screened all over north america.

He has also traveled to Los Angeles to paint a backdrop for Lafa Taylor’s latest single in which he also performed with immigrant Lessons. They also performed at Raw Artists LA where they shutdown the entire show with a breathtaking dance performance while modeling pieces from Pattern Nation. Vancouver has also been a great benefit to Jason as he has collaborated with many dancers within the city who often visit from all over the world. Being able to collaborate via fashion, dance, videography, and photography has been a great way to help artists cross promote and network.